Lantawood is the name of the indigenous movie industry growing in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Association of Southern Movie Workers is a not for profit movement whose membership is made up of people who believe in “working together” to achieve a common goal; (i) Create unlimited work and career opportunities utilizing the movie as the catalyst. 

The phrase “LANTAWOOD” brings focus to Atlanta, and also refers to our developing collaborations between actors, crew, marketers, investors, advertisers and our communities.

In Georgia and the surrounding eastern states,  there is an abundance of talent and a deficit of mainstream industry opportunities. Our association’s mission is to reduce and eventually eliminate this deficit by channeling our abundant talent and resources into a viable and sustainable movie making industry.

It is pleasing to realize that years ago, our organization had recognized the real issue of under employment affecting our communities and has since been working towards being part of the solution. WE NOW HAVE A VIABLE SOLUTION TO OUR AGE LONG PROBLEM. With your support in $$$ and kind, we will create unlimited career opportunities.

Thank you for your donation.

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